The popular festival has been successfully able to make the crowd jump, scream, shout and rave worldwide. As it kicks off this weekend (October 11-12), The Sherp gets you all the deets


1.        This might be the last chance for those under 18 to enjoy the Ultra experience


The festival has set an age restriction 2015 onward. Hence, young revellers can make the most of the opportunity to rave at this gala.

2.  The stage set-ups at the festival will make your jaw drop


UMF boats of one of the most technologically advanced and large-scale festival production in the world. Attending it will make you tick that long-standing wish from your bucket list.


3. The line-up includes iconic DJs, producers and electronic music acts


Who’s your favorite? And, whom are you dying to see? Choose quickly as the festival is just around the corner.

4. Ultra has been successful enthralling crowds for 16 years. Be a part of this legacy


Every year, UMF beats its own benchmark. The results are spectacular, to say the least. Ultra Music Festival has been successfully able to rave everybody worldwide and are making efforts to keep that benchmark. So far, the results have been spectacular, to say the least.

5. The festival features some of the most bizarrely costumed people


The vibrantly dressed people are the life of UMF. Whether it’s bikini-clad men or women wearing only paint, UMF gives an outlet to your wildest dress fantasies.

Check out the Ultra teaser here:



(All Images Courtesy: Ultra Chile Facebook)