Major Lazer is one-of-a-kind, really. Their mainstream dancehall-inspired, free-spirited style is unmatched by anyone else, and their gigs at festivals around the world are filled with raw energy and various antics! 

Since Coachella is coming close and the trio is a part of the lineup, The Sherp has compiled 8 instances of their best festival performances available online!

1. Ultra Music Festival, 2013

Ah, the days when Lean On didn’t exist! The old Major Lazer was why people fell in love with them in the first place, with their onstage props and dances. This one from Ultra 2013 harks back to the good old days of the infamous Harlem Shake, which drove the crowd nuts!

2. EDC Las Vegas, 2013

Another festival where Major Lazer unleashed all their might was EDC. A bass-heavy set, the crowd had their hands up the entire time, and these guys didn’t seem to stop!

3. Reading Festival, 2013

Taking the vibes all the way to the UK, major Lazer demolished Reading Festival in 2013, especially with this heavy DnB remix of the ever-popular ‘Get Free’ by Andy C!

4. Sziget Festival, 2015

Major Lazer did a stopover in Hungary for the huge Sziget Festival, and didn’t disappoint at all! The video features Diplo doing the trademark crowd-zorbing, and it looks insane!

5. Free Press Summer Fest, 2015

This Texan festival was all kinds of lit when Major Lazer made an appearance at the Free Press Summer Fest in 2015!

6. Wireless London, 2015

The dancehall trio got the energy to London for the Wireless festival, and going by the size of the stage and people reactions, this was massive!

7. Sunset Festival Trinidad, 2015

When ML came to Trinidad for the Sunset Festival last year, all hell broke loose! Playing songs from the Jack U album among some of their own stuff, the crowd lapped it up willingly, even breaking into a random Hotline Bling jig!

8. Open’er Festival, 2015

Rounding off the list with the massive Open’er Festival in Poland, Major Lazer played a heavy, heavy set there, and the reaction to Bumaye is priceless!

Have some more videos to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!