He wasn’t dressed in a Drindl, unfortunately


The 181st Oktoberfest is in full swing, with over six million people expected to attend, one of whom turned out to be yesteryear action icon – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Austrian born American actor  showed up to attend the festival on monday, alongside his girlfriend Heather Milligan and were pictured happily holding hands dressed in Oktoberfest themed ensembles. While Arnold looked pretty unimpressive in a pair of dram brown trousers and a brown coat, Heather’s fedora, brown boots, black trousers looked more Oktoberfest-y.

Arnie’s friend and German-American actor, Ralf Moller also accompanied them.


Arnold was spotted later at one of the tents who was there to conduct an orchestra was none to shy of the cameras. In fact it would seem, he put on quite the show!

arnold schwarzenegger3


After which the happy bunch proceeded to indulge in a hearty meal and famed Oktoberfest beer. Bratwurst anyone?