For nature and music-lovers alike, India’s most organic new year celebration, Chasing Storm is back, and we’re here to make sure you make the best of it.

As music festival enthusiasts would know best, Storm Festival has been one of the country’s favourite camping festivals since its inception. And most naturally, its New Year-celebratory edition, the festival of Chasing Storm delivers on similar lines – simplistically, with artistic buoyance and intimacy. For takers of an experience that is earthy and removed from the same old urban cliché that New Year celebrations can often become, Chasing Storm is a music and camping festival that takes you back to your roots, literally. And it’s truly a time to be spent indulging to the fullest.

And we’ll tell you just how.

Embrace nature

Chasing Storm festival will take you to the lush green space of Coorg, where it is held at the expansive Mercara Downs. With the hills, trees and grass for company, it almost sounds as the most perfect venue to bid adieu to 2015. Camping at Chasing Storm has one prerequisite though – let go of your city, because this will have you soak in the scenery in the most organic manner possible.


Fear not, it will be smooth sailing

The benefactors of Storm Festival, for they are now absolute experts, know how to do camping just right. After all, they aren’t called India’s most loved camping festival without a reason. Thus, be rest assured that Chasing Storm tents will tuck you to sleep comfortably at night. Coming armed with cozy sleeping bags, water and even a bottle of wine so your time is as merry as one would imagine it to be. Of course, since a camping festival takes you to basics, we’d advice you carry mosquito-repellent creams, tissues and portable chargers around. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in trouble.


Pack right for Coorg’s chill

Coorg, a hill station, will be naturally cool at this time of the year. And who needs a hot new year celebration. The chills would be the apt accompaniment to the music and the vibe. To truly enjoy the same, we’d suggest you pack in some warm clothes. Cushing up will be even more fun, that way. So bring on the woollens so you can experience Coorg’s weather during the best of its times.

Bring your kids along, they’ll love it

We’ve said it before and we say it again. Chasing Storm is one of those music festivals that will keep the child in you, and the children around you equally happy.And think about how fun camping will be with your kids. It will be an experience you and they will cherish for a lifetime, making it a family getaway unlike no other.


Music doesn’t stop at the sets, there are camp jams too!

We’ve established that the Chasing Storm 2015 lineup is one worth the stay, travel and everything combined, for it is that diverse and good. But, in addition to that, musical indulgence at the festival will go a long way. Making that possible are the camp jams that make sure the sound of music rings true through the night. Attendees can come together and sing at the camp sessions where they can not only interact with each other but also with the performing artists.


Community bonfires with barbecues, so go all out

Chasing Storm is a true community experience. To be surrounded by other revellers such as yourself fosters friendships and relationships that are bound to be special. At Chasing Storm, interaction is genuinely encouraged as campers often get together to take in the warmth at the community bonfires, where revelry is a common sight. And if there’s barbecued food to go with it, then it only is that much more special. So, do not hold back. Chat, sing and dance like there is no tomorrow.


Have a go at the starry sky

Unlike our cities where the air has been convoluted with remnants most destructive, the skies enveloping Coorg can still afford a starry view. And while you’re there, make most of it. Get out your tents, so you can lie on cool grass and lose yourself in the sight that is as encapsulating, as a visual can ever be. In the process, try deciphering the profundity of everyday life and monotony. Or not. Because if you find yourself bored by it at any point, there will always be Chasing Storm’s firework show to keep you enthralled.


Go all in

Chasing Storm will be a true immersive experience, if you let it be one. So go all in. Participate in the activities, keep yourself busy by everything the festival has to offer – from music, to adventure to food. Because, the festival, in its truest self, will be a testament to a new year, as you want one. One that packs in the experience of a lifetime. So, dive in and have a Happy New Year.


(All images via : Storm Festival)

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