The Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival (BEVC) Tribe is the exclusive portal to being the ultimate BEVC attendee, and we know just the way you can get in.

BEVC is a confluence of all things that are worth celebrating – eclectic music, both local and international, camping, with opulent, luxurious options, incredible winter chill, creative pursuits and much more. But the festival’s biggest source of pride, apart from the brilliant lineup it comes up with year after year, is the loyalty it commands from the BEVC Tribe, a community of people who swear by the festival and its experience. It’s a niche group of hardlined BEVC fans; the chosen few who BEVC loves as much as they love it.

evc1(Source: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)

If you wish to be a part of it, then here’s The Sherp doing every bit it can to guide you into the famed BEVC Tribe. Thank us later.


Are you…
… the person to plan a festival weekend to the very T?
… the person responsible for confirming plans for all your friends?
… the one making sure they pack right, for the weather, for the festival?
… always making your friends comfortable?
… the first to volunteer to take them back to their tents should they fall sick?
… the one who is always prepared. You have a schedule of the festival in your bag at all times, your phone’s always charged, you make sure there always is enough food, and enough water.

Congratulations! You’re the Shaman

The BEVC Tribe recognises your goodwill, your ability to care for others, and your pragmatic outlook to a safe, yet happy music festival experience. As part of the BEVC Tribe, you’re the one looked up to for help and support by your friends, as we’re sure you will always deliver. You’re the dependable one, the backbone to the group’s support, and a treasured member of the community! Welcome to BEVC.


Are you…
… a perpetual drifter?
… someone who belongs to no group, no friends?
… someone who believes in a big fat world where everyone is a potential friend waiting to be made?
… the kind who would move from one stage to the other, wherever the music takes you?
… that person who has multiple festival friends, who you then bump into at the various stages, spend some time with, before drifting away again?

Congratulations! You’re the Spaceman

You’re the quintessential vagabond, the person always ready to go wherever your art takes you, with little to worry about who you leave behind, and who you find. You don’t mind enjoying a set all by yourself, just like you won’t mind striking conversations with everyone and anyone. The BEVC Tribe values your wandering spirit, one that bears the innate lessons shared by our forefathers. You’re a part of the community for your indomitable spirit! Welcome to BEVC.


Are you…
… the most energetic person in the group?
… someone who raves like no tomorrow?
… the person who is constantly eager to be at the front of the stage?
… someone who applauds, cheers and hoots the loudest?
… someone who doesn’t mind waiting in the line, even if it takes forever for you to get a drink for your friends?
… someone who doesn’t mind taking your friend, boy or girl, on your shoulder so they can have the best view of their favourite artist?
… someone who’s extremely enthusiastic even after the day’s sets have ended, all ready to have the best after parties possible?

Congratulations! You’re the Warrior

You’re the unassailable attendee every festival needs, but few deserve. You go all out in your pursuit to enjoy your favourite music festival, and nothing serves as a dampener to your spirit. You’re all for encores, longer sets. Usually never found lazing around on grass, your spirit is enough to keep you going. In the BEVC Tribe, you’re valued for your energy, for your undying quest for an awesome time. Welcome to BEVC.


Are you…
… there, purely and solely, for the music.
… someone, who knows the lyrics to all your favourite artist’s songs?
… that person who goes dehydrated and hungry if that means not missing a set?
… the go-to person in your group for music? Do you recognise their tastes and their likes to recommend to them just what set they should not miss?
… on point with the newest song releases?
… the first to yell, ‘once more’, when a set ends, knowing you would do anything for an encore?
… that person who would cry when too overwhelmed with just how good the music was?

Congratulations! You’re the Artist

The BEVC tribe understands your dedication to the music you love, and year after year, churns out artists that would make you happy. Your absolute joy over brilliant sound and tight sets are the reason sets are designed to be as good as possible. The community values your information, only so they can have a good time. Welcome to BEVC!



If this hasn’t been clear, allow us to say it again. Each and every one of you has a special place in the BEVC Tribe. It is an exclusive community, comprising of music festival lovers such as you! So why are you waiting? Book your tickets now!

IMG_3343(Source: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)