Live streaming is more popular than it has ever been, both globally and within India. It provides sports fans, music fans and gamers with the opportunity to enjoy live events and experiences without ever having to leave their homes.

For instance, 18.6 million users used the Hotstar website and app to watch a live stream of the deciding game of the IPL in 2019. A further example of live streaming action is live casino sites where it’s possible to try your skill at games such as blackjack and poker. Live streaming has also come to the world of concerts and festivals in India and across the globe.

Why promoters want to live stream their events

From an outsider’s point of view, it may be difficult to understand why promoters want to live stream festivals and music concerts. After all, surely what is cool about a festival is the chance to see acts in the flesh and experience the whole vibe of the event.

The fact is that you cannot beat the marketing power of FOMO. By live streaming content from their festivals and music events, promoters can show people what they are missing.

This has the potential to drive a whole new audience for future events. Of course, it’s also worth remembering that even huge festivals like Coachella can only play host to a certain number of music fans who attend in person. The world-famous, California based, event has a recently increased capacity of 125,000 people per day. However, more than 21 million people watch the live stream of the music.

The technology that exists today means that the high-quality live stream provides an excellent real-time experience. This means that the promoters can make large amounts of money from enabling people who cannot attend the festival to see the acts live as they appear on stage.

The value of live streaming

Overall, the live streaming industry is worth a fortune globally. By 2021, it’s total worth is expected to be $70 billion. That is a huge figure which no brand can afford to ignore if it’s looking to connect with its potential market. This includes festival promoters who want to make their event stand out in what is becoming an ever more crowded global festival market.

Festival live streaming has arrived in India

Bearing this in mind, it’s easy to see why the live streaming of festivals is now happening in India. Two examples of this are the live streaming of the One Plus Katy Perry set on YouTube and the fact that fans can watch Sunburn live on Zee5.

It seems that festival promoters, like others in the Indian entertainment industry, can see the value of live streaming in the way it promotes their brand. The growth in the live streaming of live music is also good news for fans who are not able to get a much sought after ticket to their favourite festival.