Loads of TV programs about sports invite former famous athletes to join them. These athletes analyze upcoming games and make bold predictions about them. The logic of the management of TV programs is crystal clear — if a person knows the sport from the inside, then he will be successful in betting on it as well. At the same time, few people know that it is possible to be successful in sports but have no abilities and knowledge in betting.

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At the same time, a bettor may never play basketball, for example, but be successful in betting on this sport. In a famous book on finance, this effect was well described. In the story of the book, a successful trader traded greenwood for a long time. At the same time, he thought that a green forest did not mean freshly cut or dried timber, but lumber that was painted green. So, the main character of the book, who was well versed in the subject and knew the pricing of timber, crashes at the stock exchange. This example shows well that one does not have to know the field thoroughly to be successful in trading its materials.

Sports forecasting is a mammoth task that does not give one hundred percent assumptions, so you can not take risks relying on predictions.

The mindset of former players

Most athletes have a standard mindset because they have absorbed the basic principles of their sport from an early age. An outsider can think outside the box, so he can see things in line analysis that professional athletes wouldn’t even have in consideration. But there are also those for whom any sporting event is a series of statistics, numbers, assumptions, and predictions. These are analysts who view matches as a set of probable events that may or may not happen.

A person can spend his entire conscious life trading Swiss francs on the stock exchange, but it is possible that he will not be able to show the location of Switzerland on the globe. Likewise, a former basketball player who knows his past club inside out perfectly well is completely unaware that there are mathematical models for analyzing the game, which will tell you better than any expert about the capabilities of teams and individual players. Successful tipsters do not always know the sport they bet on deeply. It is much more important to understand the risks and be able to calculate the odds correctly.

Most former professional players use a subjective approach when analyzing events. It is often based on personal experience and preconceived notions about teams and players.

As a rule, a sports analyst works with two or three sports events simultaneously. In order to make a correct prediction, you need to analyze a huge amount of information and draw conclusions. As a rule, analysts must be able to watch matches and analyze statistics, be able to predict outcomes, parse and describe events, do statistical data analysis, and so on. Many analysts in sports publications work on a full-time basis.

Sports analytics is the analysis of matches, which is carried out by sports analysts. As a rule, sports analysts are former players, players or coaches. Often they are former athletes who have good skills and experience in analyzing matches. At first glance, it may seem that this work does not require any special skills. But in fact, it is not that simple.

It would be unwise to make predictions without experience and without knowing the sport at a professional level. But even if you are confident in the analytical data provider, you should not make rash sports bets.


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We can’t say that all former athletes don’t have the slightest idea about betting. There are examples to the contrary, but they are the exception that proves the rule. In general, former sports stars rarely correctly assess the risks and are just as wrong in their predictions as ordinary bettors.

To be able to analyze a particular event, you have to be a real guru of the sport, know the explicit and implicit factors, and have a certain mindset and talent. But even then, there will always be something unforeseen that can make a forecast fundamentally flawed.

It is not just information about various sports; it is a source of inspiration, emotions, experiences, and adrenaline. Sports news is what makes us feel alive, it’s what our lives are made of! That is why it is important to follow all the sports news, to be aware of all the events, and to learn everything new and interesting. Sports analytics is analytics related to various sports events that take place on the field.


Do all former players are knowledgeable in predicting the outcomes of sporting events?

It’s a judgment call. Some former players are fluent in their field, can give useful advice, and make an in-depth breakdown of a game according to their vast experience. But on the flip side, these players won’t help much when it comes to other sports disciplines. 

Is it vital to listen to these players?

No, you can listen to their subjective opinions, and hold their assumptions accountable, but your presumption is quintessential.