Making its debut this year is every millennial’s wet dream, the festival of FOMO, which makes sure your fear of missing out is averted at all costs.

FOMO might sound like just another internet slang to cynics, but the idea is often fueled from genuine social anxiety caused by a stubborn need to be in the middle of action, at all times. It is heightened with the idea that others, in the brink of activity, might be having exceptionally pleasant experiences that you are missing out on by not staying connected with them. The feeling of FOMO is prevalent especially during a music festival, when you often have to decide between multiple choices, from clashing sets to the friends you want to be with, all the while aware that you might be missing better music and time elsewhere.

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The festival of FOMO aims to make you a lot less anxious, that way. The extremely interesting, inaugural music festival, will come armed with one stage and no clashing sets with performances ranging from midday till the very night, so you miss out on nothing.

The festival is all set to unravel its unique concept on January 9th this year at Brisbane Riverstage, Australia, with a promise that music clashes would never come in the way of your live performance experience and happy vibes. They explain –

FOMO is where socialising with friends and connecting with music creates a vibrant positive energy. We understand you’re like minded people, so why pay for a long list of artists that you can’t physically hear and see in one day? Why bother with multiple stages when you just want to stay with your friends in the one spot?

The festival is not only making sure that you have the time of your life, without any compromises, but it has managed to churn out a lineup worth the attention.

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Here’s The Sherp’s picks of the lot –

RL Grime

Hip hop and trap electronic producer, RL Grime, is an expert with using the bass to its full, glorious benefits. The producer is known for his experimental style of trap music, that is inventively genius, as it is catchy.

Jamie XX

There isn’t much needed to be said about IDM producer, who backs up as the synth specialist on indie band The XX.  Jamie XX’s In Colour, released only last year and was an innovative and delightful EP. The fact that he has a strong live performance reputation only helps his cause.

Flight Facilities

Progressive house producers Hugo & Jimmy of Flight Facilities are known for turning in sets enthused with eclectic retrogressive beats making them a live-wire act unlike no other.


If you’ve ever dealt with FOMO, as most of us honestly have, you will much appreciate the FOMO festival’s attempt to get you the best of music and experience with limited compensation.

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