The St+art Delhi Festival is back for a fresh 2016 edition, and with it comes diverse and creative forms of public art waiting to be witnessed.

The St+art India Festival has played a major role in revolutionising the country’s urban space, by opening up the potency of its nooks and corners to celebrated visual artists from India and abroad. The festival did an astounding, jaw-dropping job at Mumbai and Delhi last year, and makes a promising return this year with the Delhi edition, along with a unique street art show titled Work in Progress.

For a month, Delhi-zens can witness a spectacular display of artmanship, as it unfurls at a rather unconventional location – the Inland Container Deport or ICD in Tughlakabad, the largest dry port in Asia. At the ICD, shipping containers will be claimed by each of the artists and will then be reinvented in their own unique fashion. While one of the busiest areas in the city, the ICD, with this fervour, will be open to a perception never before awarded to the highly inert sanctum. Despite its mechanical duties, the venue will bear artistic imprints that will present a breathing foothold to Delhi’s constant transformation. Starting January the 31st, ‘Work In Progress’ can be discovered and witnessed through expansive exhibition tours planned by the committee, thereby opening the realm of art to people often excluded from it.

While this is yet to pick steam, several renowned artists have already begun transforming the city space one stroke at a time, through several public art murals. And if these early images are any indication, then Delhi truly will play host to a visually theatrical show of art.

This year, St+art Delhi aims to establish the quaint locality of Lodhi as a veritable art district, with works 

Here is Amitabh Kumar working on this resplendently fierce piece in Meharchand Market at Lodhi. 

Akshat Nauriyal 2(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal )

Naman Saraiya(Credit: Nama Saraiya)

Akshat Nauriyal
(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

Rajasthani Shekawati art, the style popularised best by the havelis adorning the royal city, find inclusiveness in this exquisite piece in progress opposite Khanna Market at Lodhi Art District! The artman responsible for this work is Mahendra Pawar and his team of craftsmen from Rajasthan.

Akshat Nauriyal 3(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)



Naman Saraiya 2(Source: Naman Saraiya)

How Delhi based artist Rakesh Memrot’s mural unfurls will astound the spectator in you to no end!

The piece dedicated to central India’s Gond style of artistry, began as but a simple etch much to the curiosity of onlookers. 

Akshat Nauriyal 15(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

It was then worked upon by a team of dedicated artists –

Shijo George(Credit: Shijo George)

only to finally take shape,

Akshat Nauriyal 4(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

and to eventually bear the look of this magnificence! 

Akshat Nauriyal 5(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

Ingenious street artist Chifumi from France, well known for his global works of street art is also busy with his very own piece at Lodhi Colony. 


Known for his signature hand gesture, here too he leaves behind the handprint of his typical style. 

Akshat Nauriyal 6(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

Whereas, Japan’s Suiko uses actively loud colour schemes on his very own wall at Lodhi Art District, juxtaposing it with India’s innate vibrancy like a true artist. 

Akshat Nauriyal 8(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

We also have Indian artist Horus create this highly distinctive piece titled ironically ‘ Garb Age’ on a Dustbin Collection Centre at Defence Colony.

Akshat Nauriyal 11(Credit: Akshat Nauriyal)

Akshat Nauriyal 12(Source: Akshat Nauriyal)

Akshat Nauriyal 13(Source: Akshat Nauriyal)

On the other side of Delhi, we have the ‘Work in Progress’ project at ICD pulling its punches!

Shijo George 2(Credit: Shijo George)

Shijo George 3(Credit: Shijo George)

(All images via : St+art India Facebook)