…..as told by Instagram and Vine.

It’s been just a week into the New Year and the good folks at Oji have an intense and bass heavy weekend lined up for us. With Bass daddy, Flux Pavilion on a two city India tour this week, The Sherp went on mission to find out what makes the man tick apart from creating soundwaves of bass destruction.

#1 Apparently, he’s a model.

#2 He frequently hangs out with Fred Durst.

#3 He can play pool with a broken arm….and a little help.

#4 Apart from posing next to ‘Nazi Billionaires’….He’s almost always wearing printed pants.



#5 Practices some real life Doom.  

#6 Is a serious Peanut Throwing Champion.

#7 And also has a winning sense of Humour! FLUX!

#8  Flux often hangs out at the local…prison? Certified badass.

#9 Befriends random butterflies.


#10 He often orchestrates (toy) car crashes. Romantic yet terrifying.

#11 THIS is his favourite GIF of all time.


The Sherp loves you Flux!