We can’t get enough of them and there is a reason why. 

The Chainsmokers have been absolutely nailing it in the past two years with hit after hit, finally winning a Grammy award this year for their massive hit track, “Don’t Let Me Down”. Now, the award-winning duo are at it again and this time they are taking us on a trip down memory lane, sharing visuals from their childhood and they are absolutely adorable. The lyric video, which is for the song, “Young”, sees the stars embark on revisiting their childhood.

The video features baby pictures and footage that contrast with the present day moments captured on their recently completed ‘Memories Do Not Open Tour’. As the song eventually fades away, a collage of  images changes into a black and white image of the artists looking back and reflecting on their past. Filmmaker and photographer Rory Kramer collaborated on the lyric video, sourcing the visual data from Alex and Drew’s family and friends.