As far as festivals go, we’re all aware of Burning Man’s immense contribution to the world of art and radical self-expression. 

What’s more? The Burning Man community and festival have inspired similar events around the world, that are based on and function by the same ten principles the Nevada festival propagates. Around 16 countries host their own Burning Man themed events throughout the year, while there are 29 Burning Man events (apart from the one in Nevada) happening in the US itself.

Here’s a list of some of the best we’ve across.

1. AfrikaBurn – South Africa

When: April-May
Where: Tankwa, South Africa

For the lot of you who don’t know, AfrikaBurn is Burning Man’s largest and most famous regional event and is held in Tankwa, South Africa during the end of April to early May (bang in the middle of the country’s beautiful winter).  Pictures from last year’s edition revealed some fairly interesting and impressive art and various forms of creative expression much like what we see at Black Rock City.

(Image Courtesy: Ben Malandrios )

2. MidBurn – Israel

When: October

Leaving aside the country’s current stance as a state of aggression, you’d be surprised that the Middle-East’s first ever regional Burning Man event happened last year, in June.


3. Burning Japan – Japan

When: October
Where: Tamagawa Camp village, Yamanashi, Japan

This 3 day Burning event’s tagline reads, ‘Jump Out of Reality’ and that’s exactly what it achieves. Not to mention the infusion of Japanese food and culture that plays a big role in the fest.


(Image Courtesy : Buring Japan Flickr)

4. Korea Burn –  South Korea

When: July
Where:  Cheongpo Island / Chung Dae Po, South Korea

Held on a beach, here’s another (comparatively smaller) Burn event that keeps spirit of the Burning Man community alive, in the Far East.


5. Burning Seed – Australia

When: October
Where: Matong State Forest, Australia

Held during the onset of the Australian summer, Burning Seed, is one of two Burning events that happen in Australia every year. Unlike other Burning events, Burning Seed’s effigy evolves, every year. This year, they’ve thrown the Effigy design doors open to the rest of the community, giving them the chance to help create one of of the largest and most iconic Burn structures. 

Burning seed aus

6. Kiwiburn – New Zealand

When: January
Where: Manawatu, New Zealand

New Zealand’s not far behind. Kiwiburn has been held since 2004 and comes with the interesting motto – ‘Build something. Fly something. Float something. Burn something… bring it to Kiwiburn!’


7. The Borderland, Sweden

When: July
Where: Gotland Ring Quarry, Sweden

Just three years old, The Borderland is quickly becoming a popular Burning destination, primarily because of its gorgeous location.


8. London Decompression – London 

When: October
Where: The Coronet, London

Held in the middle of the city, this event celebrates and reconnects the Burning Man and Nowhere communities, helping keeping little bit of the ‘playa magic’ alive.

London burning

 9. Nowhere – Spain

When: July
Where: Near Zaragoza, north-eastern Spain

As the main European Burn event, Nowhere embraces and celebrates all aspects of Burning Man in the extreme conditions and harsh beauty of northern Spain. However, unlike Burning Man, Nowhere doesn’t include fire as a key feature of the event as open fires are strictly forbidden by the municipality of the area. This is because every summer many areas of Spain, including the Nowhere area, are on wildfire alert.