Music, photography, literature and food will be blended under a unified, year-long banner.

A fresh new concept will converge this year in Delhi, courtesy : The Avant – Garde Project. The festival is set to run all year long, spreading out over 4 ‘chapters’, starting this summer followed by monsoon, autumn & winter.

avant garde inside 2


The plug in for each season has been distinctly divided into : melodic unplugged music in the summer, alt rock for monsoon, electronic music in the autumn and a combination of the best from all the seasons in the winter.

Details regarding the artist line – up and activities during the year long festival have not been announced yet, although they do have two programs available for interested individuals to apply for.


avant garde inside


Click here to apply for the Summer Internship Program.

Click here to apply for the Campus Ambassador Program.

The Avant-Garde Project (TAG) project is a yearlong music festival with an anomalous blend of music, photography, literature and food which has been tapered to suit every season of the year with a specific human emotion and genre of music. The essence of this experiment is to create an amalgamation of certain forms of art like music, photography, literature and food, and present to Delhi an eccentric entertainment spectacle it has never witnessed before.

Stay tuned to this space for further details.