Greece is a special place with a wide variety of scenery to explore. The Greek islands are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Mediterranean. In fact, many tourists include a trip to a well-known destination on their bucket list, like Mykonos or Santorini.

However, there are other islands that are less visited by tourists and still provide an amazing experience. We have excellent news for you, though: you can visit several islands without spending a lot of time at sea from Athens.

The Greek islands nearest to Athens may not be that popular, but they are every bit as stunning, and if you’re looking for inspiration, check out The Greek island way of life and the unique environment that sailing in Greece offers can be experienced with a ferry!

Island of Poros

Poros, situated in the centre of the Saronic Gulf, is easily reachable from Athens and other smaller islands like Aegina and Agistri. Poros is only one hour from Piraeus and has established itself as a well-liked weekend getaway from Athens.

Once on the island, it is advisable to take a stroll through Poros’s narrow streets to take in all of the town’s cafes, stores, and traditional taverns. Similarly, if you’re interested in the island’s history, visit the Poros Archaeological Museum and explore the Roloi Tower for a stunning view of the island.

Poros is undoubtedly one of the best islands near Athens for a quick break because of the plethora of attractions, cultural relics, and family-friendly activities. The family-friendly villa Dolphins, only 180 meters from Askeli beach, is a great spot to stay in Poros. The Dionysos hotel, which faces the new port and Mount Kimomeni, is another great option.

Island of Aegina

Aegina, which can be reached from Athens in approximately 45 minutes, is one of many people’s favourite islands. The size of this island makes it ideal for a four-day getaway. This island is well-liked because it is the nearest Greek island to Athens.

There are many things to do in Aegina, such as seeing the temple of Aphaia, the best Greek classical temple, or sampling the island’s famed high-quality pistachios. Aegina also has some distinctive, undeveloped beaches and lovely fishing communities where you can gorge on fresh fish and take in stunning views of the ocean.

In Aegina town, Ulrika is a convenient spot to stay, while those seeking a hotel in the heart of Agia Marina, such as the Panorama hotel, have a beachfront option.

Agistri Island

Agistri is a different Saronic island that is easily accessible from Athens. To get there, you will need approximately 1.5 hours. Aegina and Agistri are connected well, making it simpler for travellers to tour both islands simultaneously.

Agistri has the best of everything found on the most well-known Greek islands, including outstanding beaches, a delightful culinary environment, and exceptional natural settings. Some well-known sports on Agistri include hiking, biking, and trekking, while Skala’s pubs are a great place to spend the evening.

Agistri lodging can be reasonably priced if you make reservations in advance. We advise visiting the Meltemi Studios in the Megalochori hamlet and the Boutique Beach Aktaion Hotel in Skala.

Island of Kea

This island, also called Tzia, is the nearest Cycladic island to Athens. The best way to go to Kea is to take a one-hour trip from Athens to Kea, departing from the Athens port.

The island’s stunning beaches make it the ideal location for a quiet retreat or weekend trip, allowing you to unwind while taking in the island’s distinctive scenery. Travelers can pick from Sikamia, Xyla, or the less well-known Spathi as the greatest beaches. The island has a very laid-back vibe.

On Kea, you can go on hikes through historic woods, discover secluded coves, or take in the lively ambience of several festivals during summer.

Island of Kythnos

The best way to go to Kythnos is to take the Lavrio-Kythnos ferry, which takes about two hours and is not far from Athens. The island offers a practical and accessible getaway from Athens for the weekend or a quick getaway.

There are numerous beautiful spots to swim and sunbathe in the Aegean on the coast of Kythnos, which is home to over 70 different beaches. The island has several outdoor recreational opportunities and unusual locations like hot springs and caverns.