The gaming industry has shown exponential growth since the last decade; with game streaming platforms like Twitch and youtube, the community has gained a lot. Gaming enthusiasts now had a way to monetize their experience of playing a game they enjoyed.

Now that you’ve decided to do the same on Youtube, this short and quick guide will help you to maximize your potential!

3 Tips to get your stremaing career on the road!


Add a personal touch

The problem with many beginners is that they try to copy someone else, and in doing so, they lose their sense of self and come off as clones of big players. Never do this, you have your personality, don’t you? make use of it, be yourself, because when you be yourself, no one can be you better. This will make your content more genuine!

Upload better content more often

Streaming is great, and a nice way of getting those initial 4000 hours of content watched to get your monetization up and running. But make sure to use the tools available at your disposals like normal videos and Youtube shorts!

Play relevant games

Select the game which is gaining a lot of traction, and keep an eye on the gaming community, if there’s a game which you think will start trending, you need to optimize your content for it. And if you guess was right, you might be the next Ninja of the game you place your bet on!

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