Thaikkudam Bridge is going to release their new music video for “Navarasam”, which is the title song from their album.

“Navarasam” is an ode to the hardworking Kathakali artists. For all those who are hearing about this name for the first time, Kathakali is a form of Indian classical dance which uses a mixture of dance and drama to tell a story. The elaborate “story play” genre of art is distinguished by the colourful costumes and masks that are worn by the dancers who are all traditionally male.

In my growing-up years Kathakali was an integral part of my life. I was saddened to see this profound art form getting reduced to a capsule format for commercial purposes. The song depicts the intrinsic majesty of Kathakali and also its present status today. Lyrics, written by my sister Dhanya Suresh, is in Manipravalam, the language in which Kathakali padams were written. The track has a fine blend of poetry, Kathakali Sangeetham and rock music,” says Govind Menon, the frontman of the band in an interview with The Hindu.

With Kathakali artists and members of the band in the video, it will depict the decline of the practice of Kathakali. It is the fourth music video the band will be releasing, after ‘One’, ‘Aarachar’ and ‘Sultan’. Sung by Vipin Lal and directed by Littil Swayamp, we are really looking forward to this music video to rivet our minds.


The Kerala-based music band, founded and formed by Govind Menon and Siddharth Menon, consists of Vipin Lal, Christin Jose, Peethambaran, Krishna Bongane, Anish Krishnan, Nila Madhav Mohapatra, Mithun Raju, Ashok Nelson, Vian Fernandes, Anish T.N and Ruthin Thej. The band, with no specific genre, has performed at many coveted places like NH 7 Weekender in Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai and they will set out for gigs in Singapore and Muscat.

The group has been doing really well with the masses and we hope they continue to blow our minds with their genre-less yet immaculately curated music!