One of Europe’s most scenic music festivals has much more to offer than just the music  


One often wonders what it takes to make a music festival successful. Sure, the line-up is the primary attraction, but when you have a festival that’s being held smack in the middle of a Croatian coastline, you find that the music just plays a catalytic role in enhancing your experience. 


An example of such a festival is Outlook, which focuses on providing a wholesome experience to its attendees. With a line-up dominated by bass music, this little festival that’s held along the Pula coastline in Croatia was full of magic and they have an after-movie to prove it. Check it out below:



They’ve also just announced the details regarding the 2015 edition that will be held from September 3-8. You can book your slots for this fantastic festival HERE.

(All Images Courtesy:  Outlook Festival Facebook/ Ben Donoghue Photography via TRUSIK)