Sharan Punjabi, a.k.a. Tansane is back with a killer track!

In collaboration with Nrtya, the talented Tansane is back with a new title track, Gurudakshina. The iconic musician always strives to bring about a confluence of various musical cultures, and this track is no exception! This intricate soundscape comprises a multitude of sounds and melodies while paying homage to one of Tansane’s greatest sources of inspiration. Aptly enough, the track released on 4.20!

Listen to the track here

Tansane’s aim is to find new and innovative production and performance techniques to blend together melodies, harmonies, and time signatures into a soundscape that has the listener undertaking a journey through the music. Employing the latest in technological advancements, Tansane strives to create its own signature sound that will be representative of the music and musicians that make their work possible.

 You can check out Tansane’s Facebook page here for more information.