Ever wondered how it would feel to be behind the epic art at Burning Man? Here is your chance to find out.

The greatest hedonistic party is soon going to be here and if just attending the Burning Man isn’t enough for you this year, we have some great news. Burning Man brings all kinds of people together, wild and eager, ready to explore all the things that nature and mankind have to offer. And this year, Burners can experience the festival in a completely different sense by actually helping to build some of the glorious art installations that will adorn the playa (the desert stage location).

The festival is slotted to have some seriously epic installations this year and they need YOUR help to make it all happen. Take, for example, The 747 Project.

A very aptly named organisation called The Big Imagination Foundation has embarked on an epic journey to turn the average Boeing 747 into a kickass party haunt. You can volunteer to help out this incredible team with transporting and setting up this giant piece of art, or you can just go ahead and donate some much-needed money to these guys. Up to you!

Black Rock Lighthouse Service

With the festival taking place in literally the most far-flung desert ever, you’re very likely to lose your way around at night. A father-son duo have built a giant lighthouse to change all of that. The pair has been responsible for other Burning Man art projects such as Temple of Whollyness and Totem of confessions, so they sure know what they are doing. The Lighthousers are accepting volunteers to help out as well as donations so make sure you find what works best for you.

The Space Whale

Marine life is not really something you’d expect at Burning Man, so when space whale art is a possibility, you know you can get excited. Created by Matthew Schultz and Pier Group and with 29 days left to raise $20,000, The Space Whale needs your help. It won’t be possible to take care of the crew and finish the piece without you. If you’d like to volunteer, do it quick because that’s the only way this amazing installation can make it to the festival!