The BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender is returning to its home turf Pune from 25th to 27th November with its 13th edition to celebrate #13MeraWeekender. Brought to music-loving audiences by NODWIN Gaming, and presented by BACARDÍ Experiences, NH7 Weekender will be made even more memorable this year by 14 powerful female artists, who will adding to the dazzling lineup of indie and international performers, all ready to make the crowd move and groove to their tunes. Packed with some exciting new music discoveries, some reminiscent, familiar tunes, and copious amounts of sass and charisma, this all-girls lineup will make you want to let your hair down and your energies up as these swag strees set the stage on fire at India’s happiest music festival:

  1. Wild Wild Women

Rising to popularity with the debut song‘I Do It For Hip Hop’ on Women’s Day earlier this year, the vibrant 7-member crew is all set to energize the crowd with its hard hitting lyrics and brilliant flow. Zesty and eclectic, the rappers’ love for other forms like graffiti and breakdancing makes for the perfect recipe for a truly memorable  night.

  1. Meba Ofilia

Shillong-based Indian songwriter, rapper and singer, Meba Ofilia known for her song ‘Done Talking’, which won her the Best Indian Act award at the 2018 MTV European Music Awards, will be putting her amazing vocal skills on display as she performs at the festival this year.

  1. Peekay

Catch up and coming indie music artist Peekay aka Pranati Khanna from Hyderabad as she puts a fun and introspective spin to the night with lyrically strong singles including ‘Good, Old Fashioned In Love,’ ‘Dunno’ and ‘Much Better’, and ‘You Don’t Have To’.

  1. Jhalli

A trained vocalist in western classical, blues, musical theater and jazz, singer and songwriter Jhalli aka Aaliyah Qureishi is a powerhouse of sheer talent. Making waves in the indie music scene with her recent work, the Mumbai based artist’s latest 6 track EP lends a rather magical voice to the problems faced by women in society.

  1. Reble

Shillong based rapper Reble is returning on stage after her mesmerizing performance at the CASA BACARDÍ Halloween Party in 2021. Always fun and unapologetic as the name suggests, the artist seems ready to be the ‘Talk Of The Town’ with her next collaboration of the same title dropping soon.

  1. Rudy Mukta

At only 19, Indian singer-songwriter Rudy Mukta has already carved a niche for herself in the indie R’n’B music ranks with her unique, genre-defying work. Making an entry to the music scene only two years ago, the young singer’s ambitious and exciting self-produced debut project, ‘Entropy’ continues to gather love from fans and critics alike – keeping us on our toes with excitement for her next live gig!

  1. Saachi

Shooting to internet fame with her covers back in 2016, Mumbai-based singer songwriter Saachi has since taken a deep plunge into the world of music – packing a sensory punch with a moving EP and multiple singles including the most recent release ‘Stop’ adding to her rapidly expanding repertoire.

  1. Perp X Linfomation

Mumbai based drummer-producer Linford Dsouza (Linformation) and artist Urmila Sivadas (Perp) are coming together for the first time for this year’s Weekender. The duo is expected to bring to stage some electronic flavor coupled with smooth vocals. While the duo has released some noteworthy tracks individually, we are just as excited to explore this interesting coupling and see how the pair fairs together!

  1.  Anumita Nadesan

The 21 year old singer who shot to fame with her mid-lockdown cover of Jashn-E-Bahara has gone on to whip out the most exciting music and sold shows within days. With collaboration of sounds and audiences on her mind, we are excited to see how this rising face of indie music transforms the genre in the country, one heart touching performance at a time!

  1.  Gouri & Aksha

Hailing from two very different parts of the country, Kerala and Punjab, the duo Gouri and Aksha came together in Mumbai to form their own band – and have been inseparable ever since. United in their love for soul, pop, and harmony, we trust the duo to serve the crowds with some truly soul touching performances this year.

  1. Kamakshi Khanna

Delhi based singer/songwriter Kamakshi Khanna who started her journey in 2014, has since shot to popularity in the indie space. With several tours, gigs and festivals in the U.S. and India, the singer is always exploring the new – whether it is by writing in two languages or dabbling with new sounds, and we are stoked to catch her next moves at this year’s big performance.

  1. Karshni

There’s no stone unturned when it comes to Pune singer-songwriter Karshni – uploading music to soundcloud since 2019, participating in gigs across the country, and collaborating with the community, the singer seems to have done it all. Earning critical acclaim for her recent track “Room” which raises awareness on anxiety, we are excited to join Karshni as she takes us on a mesmerizing journey with her music. 

  1. Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

If you have explored the indie music space, you are probably already familiar with the dazzling tunes of Delhi based singer/songwriter Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. The seasoned artist, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, has been moving audiences with her tender vocals and touching lyrics across festivals in the country – and with her upcoming NH7 performance, this year is only going to get bigger and better!

  1. Utsavi Jha

Mumbai singer-songwriter Utsavi Jha who rose to popularity during the pandemic, is now dabbling with a wide range of breezy music. Already eight singles strong and with her track Saanjh, she has becomethe first artist to cross over 100k streams on a popular music streaming platform, the singer is geared for a steep and exciting ascent in the indie music landscape