Summer’s upon us and so is the glorious festival season. While Indian summers may not bring forth a lot of enthusiasm, world over the season is known to see people get out in full fervour to attend open air gigs all over the city. So how do you prep for the same?

Summer music festivals are a great opportunity to soak in that missing Vitamin D, along with enjoying musical acts that won’t freeze you to death. Today at Sherpa, we try to get you all ready for your next summer music festival. So wear that fedora, and read on!

1. Dress light. Very Light:

Trust summer to allow you to wear as few clothes as you probably can. Trade those denims for loose cotton skirts and pants. Let singlets and breezy t-shirts take over. Whites overrule blacks, in the summer. Simple science. A hat is criminally underrated in the summer, so anything from a baseball cap to a trendy fedora works. But despite all of this, make sure to pack in a useful jacket. Evening temperatures can drop as fast as the dj’s beats.

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2. Sunscreen is your best friend:

Ditch other useless commodities in your carry-bag to make space for a lot of sunscreen. In the most brutal period of the afternoon, sunlight can be extremely scathing in its attack. You might want to keep rubbing some sunscreen on to make sure you don’t burn yourself.

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3. Maintain your liquid intake:

All the dancing and head banging to music can leave you severely dehydrated and exhausted. You might want to drink enough water, along with all the alcohol you’re consuming. We agree, beer does a good job. But ain’t nobody gets their job done like good ol’ water, right? But sticking just to water may drain you of all your nutrients too. Pack in some salt and sugar to consume it with. The festival is just the right time to consume that Gatorade we all love. Go on, pick your flavour!

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4. Pack very less:

A general prerequisite for all festivals in general. But during the summer, the need for a light carry-bag is exponentially greater. Basically, do not get yourself to tug around laboriously under the summer sun. Capisce?

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5. But, pack right and smart:

Additional to packing light is packing smart. In the summer, the small hand-held fans that are battery charged are a blessing like few other things. Also the portable coolers where you can pack in and carry ice is a good investment for a regular traveler and festival attendee. Hand fans made of bamboo are not only a light carry, but are also extremely efficient, not to mention resourceful.

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6. Camping? Yay.

Summer festivals invariably mean camping options at a lot of festivals. So enough utilities to keep you going for the next few days. If you need more help, check out these cool tips for setting up camp that we compiled here.

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