The Sherp compiles some of the best pictures of the transformational festival movement that is Envision.

The festival promotes health and wellness by participating in various fitness activities including yoga.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Envision Festival)


Envision is all about spreading the love and you could see people giving hugs aplenty!

(Courtesy : Instagram/@sethercraze, @jackpasco, Facebook/Envision Festival)

Taking care of the environment and promoting recycling.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Envision Festival)


Various artists showcased their talents while attendees got to witness them in action.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Envision Festival, Instagram/@ambrosiachevon)

Pyrotechnic artists entertained the audience with their skills.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Envision Festival)

Envision promotes a sense of community and harmony.

(Courtesy : Instagram/@lenka0592, @jackpasco, Facebook/Envision Festival)

Taking a break from their regular lives in various cozy spots around the gorgeous venue.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Envision Festival)

Jungle gym building, slacklining and surfing were some of the activities at the festival.

(Courtesy : Instagram/@chachat_, Facebook/Envision Festival)

And of course the music at the beautifully recorded stages.

(Courtesy : Facebook/Envision Festival, Instagram/@jennalynnlewins)