The hype around Studio 338’s Release party has been growing immeasurably this year and now comes the huge Ibiza news people have been waiting for: Every Friday from 2pm on May 27th, Release will host at the world renowned and newly refurbished ES Paradis. The afternoon into evening parties will play out with the roof off and then under the club’s famous lights, all with an old school and hedonistic attitude where the music is the focus of each and every event. 

A world class mix of international labels, brands and DJ talent has been lined up, so join the thousands around the world who already have and sign up now for first access to limited tickets Sign up today and you will get a guaranteed FREE TICKET to the Opening Party, plus access to a 10 euro ticket secret sale for every event of the season plus an entry to Release’s 5 person season pass giveaway.

Once upon a time, full on day parties were one of the pillars of what made Ibiza so special. Sadly in the past 10 years this has been replaced by high priced VIP experiences which take the focus away from the music, the rave and the dance floor. But not any more: ES Paradis is the perfect venue for this Studio 338 party which allows it to offer a similar experience on the white Isle to the famous one back home in London where Release has hosted superstar DJs like Marco Carola. 

It is a true hidden gem and one of the oldest clubs in the world that has been there since the earliest days of Ibiza’s party culture. The roof comes off to enable daytime raving under the Mediterranean sun, the sound system is banging and the stylish, organic aesthetic makes it one of the most beautiful clubs in existence. This Summer, after a huge refurb and two years of closure, Studio 338 and Release will take it right back to the top. 

Release is set to bring some special day time party magic back to the White Isle in a big way. Sign up now for first access to limited tickets

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27.05.2022 – Release Es Paradis Opening event

From 2pm till late.

Every Friday till September 2022.