Minecraft is a fun to play game. But there are some difficult parts to completing the game. The bosses in Minecraft vary from very weak to extremely hard to beat normally. Here are the Top 5 strongest bosses in Minecraft.

5. Elder Guardians

Unlike other mobs, Elder Guardians have thorns. This means that players get damage when they hit one. Apart from that, what makes them strong is their ability to inflict Mining Fatigue 3.

4. Charged Creepers

Creeper, Awwwwww man. Regular creepers weren’t so destructive so here are charged creepers. They are spawned when a normal creeper is struck by lightning. Their explosion is twice as powerful as that of normal creepers.

3. Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is the final boss of the game. It is related to the original story of Minecraft where the player has to kill a dragon to free the world. Its most powerful attack is dragon breath.

2. Wither

Wither is a player-created mob. This means players can spawn a wither whenever they like. It attacks by launching skulls at the player. Its skulls can even destroy obsidian. Beware of them.

1. Warden

The Warden was added in the 1.19 Caves and Cliffs update. They have more health than Ender Dragon and Wither combined, therefore making them the strongest bosses in Minecraft. They are found in the deep dark biome.

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