The Sherp got an in-depth look at the video from the man who created it.

Last year, Kunaal Gurbaxani a.k.a GURBAX, launched a fully crowdfunded music festival called “Boom Shankar Festival”, the first-of-its-kind in Bangalore. Contributors were given a ticket to attend the festival and, at the end of it all, the attendees were surprised when they were filmed as a part of the video for GURBAX’s new track. Finally, after almost a year, the video was launched on the 6th of January 2017. Take a look at this trippy beauty yourself:

The video is interesting, but the most intriguing aspect is the actual story of the project right from its inception. After speaking to the man behind the track, we got the low down on what ‘Boom Shankar’ and the concept of this wild video is all about.

Credits: GURBAX

While creating the track back in 2015, GURBAX had a very clear vision of what the visual representation of the track would be. The track, to him, felt like it would be something a group of Sadhu’s in Rishikesh would play while chilling and hanging out with their friends. He re-imagined the familiar scenario of youngsters putting on their favourite music while pre-gaming/on the way to parties – in this alternate universe – where these Sadhus would do the same. According to him, if Sadhus ever went out with their friends to rage at a concert, this would be that ONE track that they’d absolutely rock out to.

(Credit: facebook/hiddenshadesfestival)

After more discussions and thought, the idea evolved to make the video about this one particular Sadhu named ‘Boom Shankar’ – the most badass Sadhu in town, who’s the real-life embodiment of that mysterious and powerful Boom Shankar energy. And, in the story, GURBAX is calling out to Boom Shankar, who travels in a van with his loyal devotees to come to the Boom Shankar Festival and bring the party!

(Credit: facebook/hiddenshadesfestival)

After reaching their destination, the van transforms into the festival stage where GURBAX is seen playing on top of the van with the crowd grooving away to the music, feeding off the energy emitted by the four Holy men. Finally, Boom Shankar climbs on top of the stage and breathes fire into the air, filling the atmosphere with his power.

(Credit: facebook/hiddenshadesfestival)

We hope this gives you an insight into the visual representation of this trippy track.

This year’s edition of the festival will be launched on the 10th of February at the Humming Tree under their new brand – ‘Hidden Shades Festival’. We can’t wait to see what the festival has to offer this time around. Better keep your eyes open for more information on our page.