The Sherp sat down for an exclusive interview with the star as he prepared to set the stage on fire. Check out what he had to say.

It’s been five days and we still can’t get over it! When Budweiser presents Electric Daisy Carnival India came to Delhi, we didn’t know what to expect. But boy did they take over the capital city!

Infact, we were so excited to be at the festival, that we just had to sit down with one of the feature performers, German-American DJ Markus Schulz, just before his set, and get the lowdown on his experience.

Having being crowned America’s number one DJ by DJ Times in September 2012, he founded his own record label Coldhabour Recordings and hosted his own radio show. We were more than excited to get his thoughts on EDC India and his experiences in India.

Check out our exclusive interview with him below:

The Sherp: So Markus, tell us what you have planned for EDC India?

Markus: Well, you know what, I’ve been planning this group of shows, that I have currently going, all summer long. It started at the end of last month with Transmission in Prague, then I did EDC in Orlando and now EDC here. So, I’ve been planning for these shows all summer long. There’s a lot of new music that I have in my shows right now as well as earlier in the year I released ‘Watch The World’ which is my new album and we’ve been A&Ring remixes from the album which is also part of my set. I’m really excited. The response so far for my set, which I’m playing right now, has been tremendous. So I can’t wait to get out there today.

The Sherp: How does it feel to be back in India?

Markus: Yeah, I love India, you know every time. I come here, it’s something special. It was nice cause I came a few days early so I got to experience  India a little bit more once again.

The Sherp: Have you got a chance to gage the crowd outside? How do you feel about the vibe?

Markus: No but, you know, I know that the production is absolutely amazing. And now the sun is starting to go down so I’m really excited to see all the lasers.

The Sherp: How different is EDC as a festival as compared to any other festivals that you’ve performed at?

Markus: You know, what I really like about EDC is just the production and the attention to detail. Whenever you’re up on stage at any of the EDC event, you know that you look good, you know you sound good and that’s really important. Any time I’m up onstage, I feel proud to be part of the EDC family.

The Sherp: So who’s your Budweiser 4 am buddy? Someone you can call up at 4am and share a Budweiser with?

Markus: Well that’s Ferry (Corsten). Ferry is one of my best friends, so definitely Ferry.

The Sherp: So do you and Ferry have a collaboration planned?

Markus: Well, we do the New World Punx project; but he is working on his album for next year and I’m working on Markus Schulz presents Dakota which I’m going to do next year. So we’re going to take a little break but maybe you’ll see us collaborating on a few things next year. But we’ll see. We’re great friends so we’re always hanging out and working together in the studio. We’re going to just sit tight with the New World Punx project in the new year for now.

The Sherp: Do you have any words for your fans in India?

Markus: You know, every time I play in India there’s so much love and passion so I can’t wait to get out there.