And that’s not all that will surprise you!

Singer and writer extraordinaire Steven Wilson, founding member of Porcupine Tree, is getting ready to launch a video for a new song in a complete Bollywood style. Yes , you read it correctly BOLLYWOOD STYLE.


The singer has frequently visited the country as he has performed not only at NH7 in Shillong last month but also in 2009 for a college festival. The man has quite a huge fan base in India and has plans to shoot the video in the country too. He was recently quoted saying, “There’s one song I have got, which is actually quite joyful and we tried running some Bollywood clips that we found on internet with that song and it worked well. So, we are looking forward to it. It would be an experimental thing for me to do and very surprising for the fans.”


He also expressed his love for Bollywood films and states he’s seen many but won’t name them. Wilson also spoke about visiting India again for a gig and exploring it more besides his shows. “I’m really looking forward to visit India again in December. I would love one day just to come there and spend some time. And, I’m hoping to shoot this video for the next album there. There’s so much joy about the way Indian people embrace life, music, culture and their tourists. It just puts a smile on your face and you don’t get that everywhere.”

I’m sure this new material is going to take him to the next level among his Indian fans. But till the video is released we’ll keep our eyes open and try to spot any activity when he’s here in December.