The Liverpool Football Club skipper is reportedly planing a career in spinning after retiring from the game.

The English lad is currently enjoying a fine campaign for the Merseysiders, although at the age of 33, he knows that his days as a top-level footballer are now numbered.

However, Gerrard has already been taking up lessons on how to become a DJ, according to a friend of his, who revealed that Stevie has been into the dance music scene  ever since he was a youngster. Infact he’s also spun at the Garlands club for a crowd of 2000.

A mysterious DJ friend of Steven’s  (who plays in most clubs around the Merseyside district) has allegedly been giving him tutorials for a number of years now. Following which the footballer plans to play at popular club called Passion, after getting a bit more accustomed to the equipment.

With the England footballer enjoying a good season for Liverpool although his international career is pretty much on the decks – a DJ-ing future looks like an encouraging prospect…maybe.

Here’s a small snippet of him spinnin’

Were looking forward to seeing this guy in action. And it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait long considering Liverpool’s title drought streak – the frustration of which might lead to Steven considering ‘other’ options.