We definitely did not see that coming!

Steve Aoki, EDM DJ and cake enthusiast, has the age-old tradition of ‘Caking’ his die-hard fans at his gigs by launching the delicious dessert all the way across the venue from his booth. But recently, things took a different turn.

On the 20th Anniversary of the Dim Mak Records and his 39th birthday, the man caked a few fans on the occasion for the celebration. But when one of the fans got a bit too excited and decided to share the cake with the DJ, things went a bit down south.

The cake not only hit Aoki but also fell on his turntable that caused the equipment to malfunction and the music was off.

Immediately the crowd was disappointed and you can hear it clearly in the boo’s captured in the video at the party:

There were other artists present to enjoy the music including Zedd, Krewell and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo. But we’re sure they would have not expected how the evening would have taken such a drastic turn of events.

Beware fellow fans. Don’t cake the master in the face.