We know that the DJ chose to end Tomorrowland with Titanic’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Here’s why. 

“I’m a huge target to loads of people but I just don’t give a fuck anymore,” Aoki said. “I’m having fun and I’m just going to keep on having fun. I don’t care if I ruffle a few feathers.” 

We reported earlier that Steve Aoki closed Tomorrowland’s crackling 2015 edition with his rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’. You can watch the video of his performance below.

Here’s what Aoki has to say about those questioning and borderline hating on his decision to close Tomorrowland with a cheesy track (which is also said to be released as a single), “I’ve wanted to work with that track and vocal for a very long time but I’ve always been ‘no no no’ I can’t do it. It’s incredibly cheesy but incredibly epic at the same time, so if you can harness both of those things, it’s going to work.”

The crowd at Aoki’s stage when he played the song was apparently bewildered but soon embraced the hilarity of the situation, probably due to nostalgia and the desire to not ruin the moment.


(Image Courtesy: youtube.com)

“We all had to completely own it at that moment and just put our arms out and do the Titanic together and let the music take [us].” He says, Everyone was singing along and laughing at themselves at the same time. It was an incredible feeling. I just stood there with my arms out and reveled in the vulnerability of it.”

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