The iconic DJ joins forces with his impersonator, Jarrad Sung, and pulls a fast one on the Melbourne audience, as well as Skrillex and other artistes 


Recently, Jarrad Seng, a music photographer, decided to play an ingenious prank on unsuspecting festival-goers at Stereosonic, Australia by masquerading as Steve Aoki. The prank seems to have got bigger now, with the real Aoki joining it himself, and inviting Seng to Melbourne to conduct a similar experiment. However, in this prank, Aoki plays the photographer accompanying Seng.

Dressed in a traditional Aoki outfit and shades, Seng is seen walking through the festival, which results in dozens of fans stopping him for hugs, kisses and selfies. Aoki pretends to be his photographer, and after taking the picture, pulls his hoodie down to reveal his identity. Plenty of fans are left confused, while some spot Aoki in his hoodie.

Check out the full video uploaded by Steve Aoki himself:

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