Spud In The Box is finally ready with their new album titled ‘Lead Feet Paper Shoes’ and are going on a nation wide tour!

Spud In The Box is no stranger to the ever growing indie music scene in the country. The band has always been known for their energetic live performances and relatable song writing. The band has been synonymous with finding a balance between creating harmonies as well as balancing out the creativity of everyone included. Their new album ‘Lead Feet Paper Shoes’ might have been under construction since 2012, but it got recorded in 2014. The album has been the talk of the town since news dropped that they were coming out with a new album.

Over the past three years, the band has had their share of obstacles and challenges to overcome. The transitions they faced in their lives resulted in the kind of music they have created for the album. The album boasts of a tightly knit story line. Each song has its own distinctive story to tell, as well as the mind blowingly creative album art! 

Spud In The Box have been fortunate enough to have played alongside the likes of Norah Jones, Blackstratblues, Ankur Tewari among many more. Their new venture is only going to solidify their mettle as a band and as artists!

Listen to the track ‘Manic’ from their album below- 

Catch them in your city: 

October 30 – TOIT, Bangalore

November 4 – High Spirits, Pune

November 5 – Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Hyderabad

November 11 – Jamsteady, Kolkata

November 12 – Hi Spirits Cafe & Pub, Siliguri 

November 18 – Cloud 9, Shillong

November 19 – Jimi Hendric Cafe, Guwahati

December 4 – NH7 Weekender, Pune