Get ready for the launch of upcoming electronic music portal Soundcast this May!

A company specifically dedicated to the evolution and  upbringing of undiscovered talents! They even hope to release fresh new music every other day of the week! After being involved in the dance music scene in India for over 5 years, Soundcast started as a need of the moment initiative. During the course of their exposure to the industry, be it upcoming producer to offline ticketing partners, the founders discovered flaws and shortcomings within the network. Whether it was trying to get a new producer’s track on a record label in the midst of the ever growing artists or even getting the right backstage story of the music industry; the problems had far too less answers! Scouting talent was like picking a needle in a haystack!

In order to give young and motivated audiences a more insightful story on their artists, exposure to fresh new talent as well as have the platform of different and more dynamic mediums to get their music out; Soundcast was born!

Starting this May, Soundcast is open for track submissions under future & bass house, dubstep, tropical house, future bass, trap/ hip-hop, dance/ pop genres for now. In addition to their dedicated goal of giving raw talent a push into the spotlight as well as discovering new tracks, Soundcast aims to get out never seen before sides of the Indian dance music community. Their show ‘Soundcast Showcase’, featuring top figures of the Industry, will do just that! And will be ready to go on floors in a week’s time.

Speaking on the launch of Soundcast, our founders Shrey Gopani and Jeet Mehta had the following to say:

Shrey Gopani, ( Producer, One&One )


Being an Artist myself, I realised that it’s really difficult to get your tracks heard by the masses. Two things matter the most if you want to get your track heard by millions, that’s Track quality and a good distribution network. Labels have both but they can’t cater to everyone and hence we came up with Soundcast, for all artists, not just for home grown talents but talented and under exposed producers throughout the globe. 

I believe there are many a producers and artists out there who are just waiting to be heard and I want to be there for them and support them, in the same manner dance music community has supported me in some or other manner.”

Jeet Mehta, (Founder, Grapevine)


Grapevine has been working in the EDM Industry for 4 years now and I have seen a lot of talented producers not coming up the way they should have and get what they deserve. Soundcast, would not only focus on making sure the best music is heard by everyone and this music could be from anyone in the world. You don’t have to be a big commerical name to get your track famous and heard by the masses if it’s a good one. With the right synergy of Grapevine we plan to get the tracks across the youth sector through our network. It’s time to give something back to the community via Soundcast.

Check out Soundcast’s ‘Cast your Sound’ video below:

To submit your track, click here. Check out the Facebook page here.