28-year-old electronic dance music producer, Sound Remedy, is all set to rock our 2017!

Though there was no indication that Sound Remedy will continue producing music after his last show in 2016, our faces are lit up with this news!

He took to his SoundCloud account to announce that he will be sharing not one but FOUR songs PER WEEK, all through 2017. This announcement comes after Sound Remedy, in August 2016, announced that he will be “retiring from music” and that 2016 would be his last year of playing shows. He also encouraged budding producers and musicians with his honest and kind advices through this Facebook post. How kind!

All chances of hearing his music again were dim and his lovely fans were losing hope, just when this announcement came as a saving grace.

What can be better than this? 2017 has brought with it an amazing musical experience for us all and we wait eagerly to, once again, rave to Sound Remedy’s music!

Credits: 49.media.tumblr.com