Soulja Boy’s name is coming up constantly after Young Dolph’s death, due to his ill-timed beef with the Memphis rapper a week before Dolph’s passing. Soulja recently addressed the topic of Dolph’s death directly during a long Instagram Live rant.

On Nov. 19, two days after Dolph was shot and killed inside a cookie store in his hometown of Memphis, Soulja went on Instagram Live and talked for nearly 30 minutes. He claimed that if the shoe was on the other foot, people would be happy he was dead. “Let it would have been me,” Soulja snapped. “It would have been a whole bunch of, ‘Ha ha ha, Soulja Boy should have kept his mouth shut. He should have…'”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 12: Soulja Boy attends the Epic Games Hosts Fortnite Party Royale on June 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

“Let it woulda been me, ni**a,” he continued.

“Ni**as would have been laughing like a mut****r. ‘Soulja Boy thought he was tough,'” the “Rick and Morty”.

Soulja refused to share any condolences for Dolph. He said that the members of the Paper Route Empire’s team were in his DMs threatening him just days before Dolph’s death.

Soulja, who crowned himself “King Opp” during the rant, was recently pulled from two shows on the 2021 Millennium Tour, one of which was in Memphis, for precautionary reasons. Soulja was confused as he didn’t understand the reasoning. “Y’all mutha***rs done got me took off the Memphis show like Young Dolph dying got something to do with me,” SB added. “What the fuck Young Dolph dying got to do with me? That’s what the fuck I’m trying to figure out.”

Soulja Boy sparked beef with Dolph last weekend after trying to downplay Dolph’s independent success on social media. Soulja continued to blast Dolph during an interview with The Breakfast Club on Nov. 15.

Police are still searching for suspects in Young Dolph’s death.

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