For decades now, we have been able to share music on the internet. Even before YouTube, it was used in edits to convey all sorts of emotions; however, the rise of social media on mobile platforms like TikTok have created a new way to incorporate songs in videos, and it spawned countless trends. Here are some of the most popular songs that went viral again through social media apps. 

Talking To The Moon – Bruno Mars

Talking To The Moon is a song performed by Bruno Mars and released in 2010. As is the case with many of the artist’s songs, it’s a sweet ballad with a beautiful message, so it inspired many content creators to cover it, some which went viral in the 2010’s.

However, the song had a second-coming in 2022, with a dance remix by Sickick, a TikTok artist. This version is much more energetic, and given how TikTok works, it was used multiple times by other creators since for dance videos and memes.

Flashing Lights – Kanye West

Kanye West is often regarded as a mad scientist, and his 2007 song Flashing Lights is yet another proof of the man’s genius when it comes to music. The song has an aura of glamour, and after topping the US charts in 2007, it came back in 2018 as the song for Dior’s J’adore commercial featuring actress Charlize Theron.

Still, that’s not the only time the song would be used, and you can see many Tiktok videos use it, frequently for videos from female influencers posing, or for news with its countless remixes.

That’s Not My Name – The Ting Things

That’s Not My Name was a big hit in 2007, and those who were around heard it in numerous ads or films, but eventually, it was forgotten until TikTok became a thing and celebrities got to it. The most notable use of the track is when Alicia Silverstone used it with pictures of herself in her various roles, and other celebrities followed. The trend then dissolved and was used by look-alikes ironically, until the meme inevitably died.

Tunak Tunak Tun – Dahler Mehndi

Tunak Tunak Tun, or just Tunak, is one of the og memes, with parodies using the song going viral back to 2001. The 1998 song was used even before YouTube existed on forums and email chains, with the most-well known parody using World of Warcraft’s engine to create music videos. Indian songs were a curiosity at the time, but it’s now a culture westerners genuinely enjoy. That’s why games like the Pearls of India slot are tremendously popular all over the world.

First Class – Jack Harlow

First Class is a 2022 song by Jack Harlow that uses a sample from Glamorous by Fergie and that started to get a lot of attention on TikTok in the summer of 2022. The first video to propel it was created by the rapper himself, singing along in the studio and dancing. Since then, many creators have used the song in dance videos or reacted to the lustful lyrics, particularly young women, which are a big part of the artist’s fan base.


These songs either became viral because they fitted the emotion creators were trying to convey at a point in time, or simply because they’re catchy. Whether it’s on TikTok or even before we had most social media, the internet has always been a lab where anyone could create something unique and share it to the world, music included.