We know their songs by heart, but how much do we really know about the artists that have ruled our playlists and our hearts all these years?! 

With a plethora of music festivals/events, and a number of other offerings lined up as the New Year comes to a close, it’s hard not to address the excitement that everyone is feeling about TIMEOUT 72. Goa’s newest music festival is going to be unlike any other music festival offering we’ve seen before, and may in fact set a trend for a whole new era of music events in India and across the world. 

Over the years, we’ve seen a boom in the EDM sector, with a number of EDM centric festivals having come and gone, due to the saturation it has caused in terms of offerings. To stand out and impact an audience positively today, a festival must have a USP that becomes hard for a fan to turn down. Putting together all those elements, TIMEOUT 72 – a one-of-a-kind multi-genre music festival, to be held from 27-29th December, in Vagator, Goa, will see a number of enthusiastic fans attend the event.

While, the lineup has been the biggest cause for all the eyeballs on it, TIMEOUT 72 has a whole lot more to offer. With a theme revolving around the concept of space and time, attendees can be sure of a journey filled with mysticism and awe. Imagined and put together by Waterlemon Events LLP, the team ensures that no experience is anything short of extraordinary, at TIMEOUT 72. From tribal shacks to disco arches to dance stages, and more, TIMEOUT 72 will blow your minds away! 

But before we head out to TIMEOUT 72, here’s some interesting stuff we bet you didn’t know about one of your favourite TIMEOUT 72 headliners Jason Derulo!

Jason Derulo

Credits: Billboard

Did you know that Jason Derulo’s actual surname is spelled “Desrouleaux”, which although is pronounced the same, caused a lot of confusion (not surprisingly!)! And before we dive into the singer’s spills and secrets, let’s let you proudly know that if you are a fan of Derulo’s then you can call yourself a “Deruler“!

We know the star today, as a flamboyant, six-pack ab, chart-topping hits monster, but early on in life, Jason was quite the opposite. Jason was chubby as a child and was so self conscious that he refused to take his shirt off in the pool. As he grew up, he became more of an athlete and played basketball in high school. In spite of being physically fit now, Jason is admittedly not that big on the fitness fad.

Jason’s entry into the musical industry came when in 2006 he was the winner of Reality-TV singing competition titled, “Showtime.” Some of his big hits today include, “Whatcha Say”, “In My Head”, “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, “Ridin’ Solo”, “Talk Dirty”, “Wiggle”, and “Trumpets”. Apart from being a talented singer, Jason is also trained in ballet, tap and jazz dancing. His favorite music video is “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

Guess who’s Gaga over Derulo!

Yep! The ‘Born This Way‘ star is apparently a big fan of Jason Derulo. She even had him open for some of her shows on The Monster Ball tour back in 2010. Before his big breakout, he was a musical theater major at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan and even landed a role in Rent on Broadway. Before he made it to the frontline, Jason was a ghost-writer for other artists in the music industry.

Jason Derulo grew up in a middle class family, and being the youngest he was always pampered! As a kid he kept to himself in school, and did not like partaking in social activities like prom and such. Although, all of his concerts today are highlighted with the high-octane dance moves and vibrant performance, Jason used to suffer from Asthma till about the age of 13, especially around pets, dairy, or dust. 

You may say Jason’s tryst with a musical career was by chance if you know that he actually had his aim set on conquering the world of NBA. The singer owns an NBA, regulation-sized basketball court, shark tank and black-and- white paintings of John Lennon, Prince, Janet Jackson in his LA mansion.

Credits: FUSE TV

Till date, Jason has given every one of his awards to his mother. Jason is also quite the amorous person – he writes for and sings to the person that he’s in a relationship with. He claims he is a sexual person and likes polite women, but is attracted to bad girls too.

At a time, Jason Derulo was on the same flight as Kanye West but was too shy to ask him for an autograph as he didn’t want to wake him up.  Talking about his sleep pattern, Jason sleeps for four hours a night and requires somebody to wake him up by either banging on the door or physically waking him up.

Jason is now a vegan and is a big fan of spinach, mushrooms, vegetable soup, lentils, bananas and jack-fruit. His love for food extends to him even dreaming of being a good cook. It’s scary to think that at a point Jason Derulo was told he would never be able to walk again, after he injured his neck while performing a back-flip stunt.

Jason Derulo dated American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks for 3 years!

Credits: E! Online

The two split up in 2014, with Jason saying that he “didn’t think it was true love“. He even wrote her a song titled, “Marry Me“.

Are you satisfied that now you know a bit more about the man that’s always got you groovin’ to his tunes?!

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