Putting their own unique spin on hip-hop meets prog with a spin of Psychedelia; Sharam Masala is nectar to the ears!

The unconventional yet exciting act, Sharam Masala brings a unique musical niche to the forefront of music in India. Comprising the musical trio of rapper- xcpt aka Aishan Vali, Hindi rapper- A La Moksh aka Sameer Ul Haq, and Hyderabad bred producer and composer, No Hero aka Akhil Kodamanchili. Their four-track amalgamation titled “Greatest Hits” is a bi-lingual, poetic, musically decadent auditory treat that you just need to lay your hands on!

Credits: The Sounds Within

The E.P. kicks off with “1point” and addresses haters in their hard-hitting fashion and lyrically spews out self-depreciation before No Hero steps in with a catchy riff mid-way through the song. Change to track no. 2, and that’s when madness is let loose, with “Wabi Sabi” and its head-bobbing rhythm and rhythmically divine music. xcpt and A La Moksh churn the lyrical genius of the song with their rap verses and that makes this track easily the catchiest one off the E.P. Sights.Sounds.City and Mined State fair in the same way, taking the listener on a spiritual yet self-reflective journey while bringing in a unique musical landscape. 

The four-track E.P. that released one track each Saturday in the most of April, had its extensive E.P. released earlier this month.

You can listen to the E.P. here.