Magneto is in town!

The famous actor Sir Ian McKellen has arrived in Mumbai, and will make his presence felt at the opening night of India’s only LGBT film festival, Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.

The veteran actor is here to promote appropriate LGBT portrayal in movies, and to meet filmmakers who think the same way, in addition to attending a program called “Shakespeare On Film” conducted by the British Council Of India, on account of his 400th death anniversary.


(Courtesy: Facebook)

Via DNA, Sir Ian had this to say: “On my first visit to Mumbai, I am very pleased to attend the opening night of the Kashish 2016 Festival. For too many years, gay characters appeared in films only as comic relief, as often as not meeting a sticky end, as if that’s all they deserved. Increasingly, in India too, the film industry has matured, treating gay people with the same seriousness as straight characters. I look forward at Kashish to discovering more about Bollywood’s film-makers who reject fantasy for the truth about gay people.”

We hope the actor has a pleasant stay in the city, and we wish him the very best!