The internet is a weird and wonderful place!

Patrick McCann was riding the New York subway last week. He was shirtless too. While he was on the subway, he kept on chanting “Less Donald Trump, more techno music”! He also found a few followers to back him up with his amusing chant. The video, for obvious reasons, went on to become an instant viral hit on the internet. The only thing that was left was for someone to actually add some techno beats to it and make it into a remix.

That’s exactly what happened, because you know, the internet. 

YouTube user and electronic music aficionado, Mr. Finn, saw the video and couldn’t help himself. He then proceeded to re-work the original video and add some fire beats to the video. The video has some 90’s footage of nostalgic New Yorkers getting in the subway and different montages being played out.

Mr. Finn laid down some neat bass kicks, which gives it the typical techno vibe!

The internet is surely a weird and fantastic place. Never underestimate the power it has!