Symbiosis Gathering ended this weekend to an array of colours, creative expression, art and good-naturedness, so obviously Instagram was abuzz with the action.

This past weekend, hundreds of people descended upon Oakdale, California, to celebrate the Symbiosis Gathering, which sees a convergence of mindful living, social interaction, artistic display of brilliance and music. And per usual, everyone took it to Instagram, which stayed busy with some of the more choicest images from the festival. The Sherp took some time to scout for those that represented the festival in the truest manner!

1. The Symbiosis Gathering is held in the sunny Woodward Reservoir, an expanse of land blessed with warmth and water, both, making the festival a quintessential California experience –

2. The water, proving an able compatriot to the festival, as sun-kissed attendees rushed to take a dip in it at every opportune moment.

3. With some striking some able poses!

4. It helped that there was a floating tree house, bang in the middle of the water body, which was, obviously, ringing with the sound of people at all time!

5. Speaking of architecture, the built in art-installations at Symbiosis 2015 was every bit as magnificent as one could imagine

6. If the festival wanted to amaze one and all with artistic creativity, then, it genuinely succeeded!

7. The work on display was nothing short of pure brilliance –

8. Not to mention, absolutely trippy!

9. And at once, serene!

10. And not just installations, because the live painted work was just as good!

11. And with people of all ages in attendance –

12. You can bet that everyone of them had the most blessed artistic experience –

13. And when speaking of Symbiosis Gathering, how can one forget the festival’s unyielding dedication to yoga and mindful exercises.

14. You can expect that with the abundance of yogic practices at the festival, the most choicest of poses were formed.

15. And by choicest, we’re not exaggerating –

16. After all, what better a way there is to physical and mental peace than by engaging in some meditative trance?

17. It helped that people came in carrying their natural allure and swagger at Symbiosis Gathering-

18. And obviously, for a festival that promotes so much social interaction, friendships were fostered –

19. After all, Symbiosis Gathering has proved time and again that ’tis the place to forge the best kind of relationships-

20. Making the festival one of the perfect haunts for friends willing to experience the good life!

21. Friendships, that reap peace with oneself as much as with the other!

22. Making Symbiosis one of the most enlightening experiences of the west coast!

(All Images from : Instagram)