Jodhpur Riff is the uncrowned palatial music experience of India, as it exuberantly brings together the most variant folk music from around the world in a truly royal fashion. 

From The Manganiyars of Marwar to Grammy award winner Yossi Fine of the celtic sound system, Jodhpur Riff 2015 was the immersive folk music experience worth talking about. The festival which witnessed musical showmanship from some interesting collaborations, to mind blowing fusions, ended last week with all the celebration deserving of the event. Held at the magnificent, Mehrangarh Fort, the aftermath of the festival saw some stunning instagram pictures that The Sherp had tabs on!

We show you the best of the lot –

Jodhpur Riff enjoys the royalty that is the Mehrangarh Fort as the backdrop, and the images reek of a forlorn ancient past we’d lap up in a heartbeat!

Just the image of the palace against the height of the sky would be enough to guarantee that Jodhpur Riff is an experience like no other!

A far cry from large ground confining festivals, Jodhpur Riff is one that truly transports you to your roots. To your homegrown music, and to your history. 

Additionally, the festival’s lieu de l’action, the royal city of Jodhpur provides the cultural backdrop deserving of a festival so rooted in traditionally sycophantic music. 

With quintessential Rajasthan ruminative in every nook and corner of the festival. 

Making the festival a true Rajasthani offering. 

And with exquisite music in tow, you can bet that the 2015 Riff experience was just that heightened. 


Featuring a gallery of folk icons from not just India, but around the world, Jodhpur Riff makes it possible for regional music from all quarters to coexist in beautiful synchrony. 

While the festival welcomes you with a traditional fare of Rajasthani musical offering, in all their colloquial flavours –

With acts like the Manganiyars of Marwar taking centrestage

It pretty much brings to fore the brilliance that reflects off of a collaborative effort! Such as the ones sat on by Yossi Fine and Wouter Kellerman. 

Jodhpur Riff truly is the space where global music such as Papa Julius and Zion Nexus –

And local folk music fare and so does performance art.

If you care for that backdrop your music deserves, make sure you never miss Jodhpur Riff again!

There is no festival like this!