The visual treat that ensued at Mehboob studios this past weekend was a joy to watch with the Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights and a host of Indian talent providing us with a memorable night. The Sherp was blown away by the brilliance on show and it proved to be a fitting birthday celebration for the MTV Indies crew. 

1. The calm before the storm


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2. Prepping up for the gig, web vein: check.  


3. Some more spiders.. 


4. The Laser action at the venue just catalyzed the entire experience   

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5The True School crew are a stupendously talented bunch

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6. Derek never shied away from the paparazzi  

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7. EZ Riser warming the crowd up for The Glitch Mob 


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8. Glitch Mob madness continues  

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9. And when they dropped their own version of Seven Nation Army,everyone went nuts.

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