This year, the festival drew its largest recorded crowd ever and we’ll show you why.

The Magnetic Fields Festival is one that people wait for longingly all year long. And you can’t blame them because its stunning location, incredible line-up and art installations have attendees clapping their hands till they turn sore. Year after year, they manage to keep setting the bar higher and higher. This edition was no exception with the magnitude of perfection at the festival and it seems like the attendees reciprocated fully.

1. Can we take a moment to appreciate the Alsisar Mahal?

(Credits: instagram/marianna_mukuchyan)

2. It looks amazing 24/7 from any angle.

(Credits: instagram/peegeekay)

3. The minimalist tents were located at the best spots.

(Credits: instagram/gurprasad)

4. The luxury tents were reminiscent of a sandy Goan beach.

(Credits: instagram/akansharedhu)

5. The Desert Disco Oasis was the dance spot for the festival.

(Credits: instagram/banerjee.anurag)

6. People made themselves comfortable before every performance.

(Credits: instagram/banerjee.anurag)

7. Some sat by the pool to help with the heat.

(Credits: instagram/IJRoth)

8. While others indulged in some whisky tasting.

(Credits: instagram/akanksharedhu)

9. Mandi, the camel, was also spotted all dressed up.

(Credits: instagram/nonza_bonza)

10. Sarathy Korwar threw up some mean beats.

(Credits: instagram/djmocity)

11. While DJ MoCity was an authentic steam punk.

(Credits: instagram/dualistinquiry)

12. Prateek Kuhad played for over an hour at the stage.

(Credits: instagram/Jeevan Sandhu)

13. Manganiyars stole the show at sunset with the moon in sight.

(Credits: instagram/sumirankandira)

14. They returned for another set in the middle of the “Pulse and Bloom” installation.

(Credits: instagram/indianmusicdiaries)

15. Monica Dogra joined Curtain Blue on stage.

(Credits: instagram/abhishekbhatia)

16. The Dungeon rolled some great jazz in the hazy setting.

(Credits: instagram/magneticfieldsfestival)

17. The Aminimal Studio displayed some incredible lamp art.

(Credits: instagram/johnbriscella)

18. Vaayu Vision Collective’s ‘Immeasurable Distances’ was life-sized!

(Credits: instagram/magneticfieldsfestival)

19. The night changed the whole look of the festival.

(Credits: inatgram/spacemonkey29)

20. Superpose was super energising.

(Credits: instagram/chaturvediharsh)

21. It was trippy to another level.

(Credits: instagram/simratr)

22. The palace looked even better in the dark.

(Credits: instagram/rahulchawdas)

23. The Red Bull Music Academy Stage was on fire, even before the artists went on.

(Credits: instagram/akhilius)

24. Everything looked right out of an Arabian Nights tale.

(Credits: instagram/kartikmurli)

25. And all too soon, it was the end

(Credits: instagram/magneticfieldsfestival)