(Cover Image Courtesy: Richard Manickam)

Mumbai’s extensive art and culture fest has come to an end. Thousands of you flocked to South Mumbai this year to witness the spectacular live performances and the incredible art installations! The Sherp sums up the nine-day long Kala Ghoda with the help of the beautiful Instagram posts… by YOU! Have a look:


A one-of-a-kind Gibson Guitar!

A mountain of plastic turned into a greenhouse.

What it looked like from the inside

The charging bull

Hop onto the filmy ride! Almost better than Deadmau5’s Nyan Cat Ferrari.

A tribute to the dabbawalasMumbai’s lifeline!

Imaginative art with a message: Save Trees!

Choodi gehna.

The Joothi Bazaar.

The different shades of Mumbai


Music & Dance

Farhan Akhtar rocked the stage like never before!

Here’s a glimpse of Farhan’s performance…

Spud In The Box gave a truly remarkable performance!

A bunch of talent doing some crazy hip-hop.

A magical performance by the Ali Brothers!

Coshish giving a magnetic performance on Day 2 of Kala Ghoda.

Some classic Manipuri at Kala Ghoda

Nikhil D’Souza live in concert!



Delicious chocolate waffles… worth selling your soul to the devil for!

A delicacy from Between Breads…