Over the weekend, Bangalore witnessed some amazing live performances thanks to Emerge Music & Arts Festival. The two headlining acts, Alt-J and Rudimental were particularly awesome!

Unfortunately for the Delhi leg of the fest, the torrential rain and weather conditions were deemed too unsafe for the show to go on, and the event was cancelled. We really hope the event will be rescheduled, as Delhi deserves the brilliant show Bangalore witnessed.

Here are some moments and pictures we scooped off Instagram to show you what it was like..



1. Birds and floaty things. An entrance art installation at Emerge by Shilo Shiv Suleman.

IMG_20150302_182344(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/dittlestheskittle)



(Image Courtesy: instagram.com/catchvijju)



3. Lots of beautifully designed themed posters were being sold at the venue, this one  courtesy Cupick.




4. Many people missed out on this (early set) amazing performance by Daniel Waples and the Petebox. So good, yet so underrated!

A video posted by Nidhi Rajain (@nidhirajain) on



 5. If this is what a Rudimental DJ set sounds like, you can only imagine what their LIVE performances would be like



6. A punning whale. Haha!

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/malavikanavale)



7. And then came Alt-J, who quite clearly won the night, with their spectacular performance. Every single person in the audience sang along to all the lyrics of Fitzpleasure, Breezeblocks, Matilda, Taro, Devour Me….the list is endless.

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/waywardinternet_traveller)



8. “Triangles are my favourite shape.”

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/smriti.23)



9. The windy weather and the cloudy sky, definitely added to the vibe of the music. In simple words : Alt-j was perfect!

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/adarshunny)



10. Fitzpleasure 🙂



11. A brilliant ending to the night!

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/ahirnishpareek)