In an effort to capture a phenomenal year in dance music, The Sherp revisits and highlights the best, the worst and the ugliest of 2013 in his exclusive series called ‘Rearview’. Why Rearview? Because, well, it is a common known fact that ‘objects in a mirror are closer than they appear’ and subsequently, they can also seem more fun, more WTF and  MUCH more awkward…

2013 has been an outstanding year for dance music! It has been a facilitator of radical changes and has brought those separated by geography or nationality a lot closer! Although this wasn’t an easy task, The Sherp picks out the top reasons why it’s been a significant year for dance music, globally.

Reason #1: Daft Punk Released Their New Album!


This was probably the most anticipated release of this year! The sheer genius put into making ‘Random Access Memories’ hails no comparison! Be it the godfather of disco Giorgio Moroder being part of the ninth track (that btw, bears his name!), the vocals of Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers on guitar or the profound voice of Julian Casablancas – it’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that listening to this album frees your mind. The present times need more of Daft Punk’s refreshing yet early ‘70s and ‘80s sounds!


Reason #2: Ultra Music Festival Extended Over Two Weekends!


The moment this deal was official, UMF made an announcement on their Facebook page. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“Yes, it’s all systems go and we are moving full steam ahead!!! ULTRA Music Festival will make history in 2013 as the world’s first ever ELECTRONIC music festival to take place over two weekends on March 15-17 and March 22-24 in celebration of our 15 Year Anniversary.”


Reason #3: Tomorrowland Crossed Over Into The United States!


Belgium’s behemoth Tomorrowland decided to cross borders and head over to Atlanta to launch TomorrowWorld – the first international edition of Tomorrowland! While electronic music has been around for decades in Europe, USA has recently seen an astounding explosion and acceptance of the genre. 2013 will always be remembered as the year dance music truly erupted in the West.


Reason #4: Above & Beyond Went Acoustic!


The prowess of this British trio is unparalleled when it comes to making fans fall in love with them all over again! And this year, they did just that. Tony, Jono and Paavo ditched the CDJs to exhibit their musical talent to the world. London and Los Angeles were the two fortunate cities that witnessed the acoustic project this year, and we really hope they give more cities a chance next year! Some of the fans who attended the acoustic performance at Greek Theatre in L.A. even spoke to The Sherp about the magnificent experience they had!


Reason #5: Deadmau5 Kicked Off His Coffee Runs!


In mid-September, Deadmau5 posted a ‘Coffee Run’ with Zedd on his YouTube – and then it became a thing. He started driving around fellow-musicians and even his lawyer in his Ferrari and had some pretty amusing and insightful conversations over some Tim Horton’s (Canada’s favorite coffee & donut spot). We love you Joel and absolutely cannot wait to have you here in India!


Reason #6: Dance Music Received More Grammy Nominations!


The Grammys is every musician’s dream, and the dance musicians have surely paved their way through this prestigious annual ceremony. Right from the trance legend Armin van Buuren to the relatively new Disclosure brothers – all the artists that have been nominated for 2014 are well-deserving!


Reason #7: It Was The Year Of Risk-Taking Producers!


Last year saw a plethora of producers that dared to take risks by collaborating with artists outside the electronic music spectrum. Avicii collaborated with Lana Del Rey for ‘Dance In The Water’, Zedd with Paramore‘s lead vocalist Hayley Williams for ‘Stay The Night’, Calvin Harris with indie-pop singer Ellie Goulding for ‘I Need Your Love’ and of course Daft Punk with hip-hop singer-rapper Pharrell Williams for the song of the year ‘Get Lucky‘!


Reason #8: Deadmau5 Sent A Loving Reply To The Sherp!

A kind and supportive reply from Joel Zimmerman – now that’s something you ought to earn! The Sherp was smiling ear to ear. 🙂