Although short, Sunday’s Escalate II with Flux Pavilion was quite a banger with Sound Avtar, DJ SA and Flux Pavilion himself bringing bass like it has never been brought before.

Walking into one of our favourite outdoor venues – the Juhu Hotel, the Sherp was greeted by the sounds of some really intense bass beats.

Juhu Hotel

Curious to discover where the killer tunes were coming from, we navigated the winding passages of the entrance-way to find a performance area packed with ragers of all ages head banging to a brilliant dub-rich set by opening acts DJ SA and Sound Avatar. The two successfully managed to get the crowd into the mood for none other than the ‘Bass Cannon’ himself – Flux Pavilion.


The second Josh (Flux Pavilion) got on stage and dropped his first track, the 1000 odd fans that were present went into a mad frenzy – dancing like their spines never existed. Track after track this bass master hit the crowd with some of the best tracks in his arsenal, consuming the audience in a blanket of his signature dirty, rumbling dubstep tunes. His amazing set included most of his hits including Bass canon, I can’t stop & Jah no Partial, to name a few.

As the heavy dubstep riffs got even more energetic, the audience crowded around into hard hitting ‘dub-pits’ and raged the evening away together. But the ultimate highlight of the evening had to be when Flux dropped ‘I can’t stop’. Every time the vocalist of the track went ‘I can’t stop’, Flux would reduce the volume & encourage the crowd to scream along. The audience were more than happy to oblige and shook the venue with their perfectly synchronised ‘I CAN’T STOP’!



But due to some misfortunate foodie adventures, Josh felt too ill to continue, and had to stop his set mid way. Thankfully he packed the short bass-adventure with some of his best tunes ensuring that the audience didn’t leave disappointed. And those who were disappointed had a change of heart at the official Escalate after party at Bonobo, which thanks to some mad tunes by Anish Sood and Rishab from Lost Stories, was quite the banger as well.

All in all we hope Flux get’s well & definitely hits Indian shores again.  Props to Oji and thanks for all the bass, guys!