In an effort to capture a phenomenal year in dance music, The Sherp revisits and highlights the best, the worst and the ugliest of 2013 in his exclusive series called ‘Rearview’. Why Rearview? Because, well, it is a common known fact that ‘objects in a mirror are closer than they appear’ and subsequently, they can also seem more fun, more WTF and  MUCH more awkward…


2013 has been a mighty big year for electronic music. On one hand we saw new festivals cropping up in every corner of the world;  and on the other there were a stack of nincompoops that were just asking to be ridiculed. Each time you think you can’t be more appalled by the people in this world, out come a bunch of weirdos one-upping each other.

Here’s a recap of some of the most awkward moments witnessed this year in the dance music world:

(Disclaimer: We at Festival Sherpa have nothing against the artists mentioned below. The sole purpose of their presence on the list is light-hearted entertainment.)

P.S. Deadmau5 has an incessant urge to butt in almost every controversy and express his outspoken mind in a hilarious way. Much respect for that, Joel.


Awkward Moment #1: When Tiesto was mistaken for Markus Schulz on live television.
One word: Ouch.


Awkward Moment #2: When DJ equipment like these were released:

We’re not exactly sure what ‘inspired’ Flo Rida to come up with this… thing. Anyhoo, once again, the transcendent troller, Deadmau5, decided to cross the line this time and upload this as a response to whatever these guys were trying to do:


Awkward Moment #3: When Steve Aoki dry humped a CDJ on stage in Italy!

Yup, you read that right. In June this year, Steve Aoki was escorted from the stage during a performance of the Together Tour in Italy. In what is believed to be a pill mix-up, Aoki popped two Viagra pills instead of ecstasy tablets, causing him to become sexually aroused on stage.



Awkward Moment #4: When a shirtless Biebs went up to Michael Woods and requested him to play a hip-hop track.

…and when Michael refused, Bieber took a ‘cheap shot’ at Michael Woods’ manager!

ENTER Deadmau5:




Awkward Moment #5: When Major Lazer sat down at Lollapalooza for what can probably be called the most awkward interview in history!


Interviewer- “Who is the most annoying person you’ve worked with in the past two years?”

Diplo- “Probably you.”



Honorable Mention: When Paris Hilton decided to become a DJ!

Since this is not really a specific ‘moment’ that occurred, but rather a prolonged phase of unfortunate events, this needs to be dealt with exclusively. Apparently, people have been blown away by her ‘DJ-ing skills’ at Ibiza’s Amnesia, which has resulted in the renewal of her contract for summer 2014.

At exactly 01:37 in the video below, you can see one of the biggest fails at a concert: