In a recent interview with The Sherp, Berlin IDM super-star Phon.o ahead of his second Indian Tour (Delhi, Bangalore & The Eden Festival, Mumbai) talked about the music and artists that inspire him.

“On the electronic music side the main influences were Aphex Twin, Autechre, Basic Channel (with all the related labels and artists), early R&S records and a bunch of different UK-postdubstep and UK-Bass music. But I also got influenced by Bands like Joy Division, New Order, Thom Yorke, Ariel Pink, the Neptunes and so on. There are often a lot of different aspects and details I like for example like the sound aesthetic, structure of a song or the harmonics.”

And that is exactly what his amazing playlist is all about.


1.) Aphex Twin – “vordhosbn”

I really love the complex musicality of the rhythms and synthlines


2.) Kit Clayton “Nek Sanalet”

The sound aesthetic is so good. Also the flow.


3.) Mono Junk “A”

Its ruff and dirty dance track but with a beautiful moody synthline. It grooves and touches your mind.


4.) Ariel Pink –”Foiley Foibles”

This song is just deep and trashy on a superb level.


5.) Four Tet –”Unspoken”

The whole album Rounds is incredible good. I love the way how he deconstruct drums, percussions and samples and put it together in a unique way.


6.) Thom Yorke –”Ingenue”

Thom Yorke has a very special voice but the most important thing to me is the way how he builds the harmonic structure.


7.) Burial –”Archangel”

Burial somehow invented an own style. Soundwise I can see a lot of influences from Basic Channel’s warm noise dark reverbish rooms. But the combination with the 2Step beats and the way of using the vocals are incredible outstanding.


8.) Joy Division –”Decades”

It’s a very sad song but so intense that I have to love it. So in my ears its “positive sadness”


9.) Timbaland & Magoo Ft. Missy Elliott – Cop That Shit

Especially if you listen just to the instrumental you can see the pure power of that reduced but damn groovy beat. The early 2000 productions of Timbaland were really impressive to me for the way of the sounds and grooves.


10.) Autechre – Slip

The album “Amber” was really important to me because it was the time when I got into electronic music and it showed me that its not all about hard rave banging techno. Its meandering really nice and stays so positive in a non kitschy way.


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